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Our products

7 Chakra orgone Engrave USAI Reiki pyramid sets

7 Chakra Orgone Geometry Set

Amethyst Gold Electro plated Arrowheads

Black Sanskrit Tumble stone set with bronze cage necklace

Black Tourmaline Chakra ring type healing stick with ball

Chakra Gemstone Bottle Set

Chakra Hollow buddha metal pendant

Colourful Crystal Quartz Engrave Chakra Sanskrit Disc Set

Electro plated Arrowhead pendant 2inch

Engrave Choko Reiki Chakra Heart Pendant Set

Engrave Orgone Chakra Square Disc Set

Golden Quartz 3inch Angel

Green Aventurine Orgone Merkaba Star

Mix Gemstone USAI Big Pyramids

Peridot Bottle pendant with cord

Red Jasper 5pcs Geometry set with Wooden box

Silver bezel obsidian electro plated arrowhead

Our Featured products

Chakra Orgone Coaster Set

Hematite Gomti Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Tree of life Metal pendant

Rose Quartz Gold Bezel Arrowhead Pendant

Engrave Orgone Chakra Square Disc Set

Red Jasper Usai Big Pyramid

Peridot Undrilled Chips

Red Carnelian Bottle pendants with cord

Chrysophrase 5pcs Geometry set

Silver Buddha Cage pendulum with chakra cones

Golden Quartz 3inch Angel

Crystal Quartz Pendulum with chakra cabs BT chain

Mix Gemstone Chakra Healing wand with ball pencil spinning merkaba

Chakra Orgone Healing Wands with Engraved Usai Symbols

Chakra Metal Dolphin Pendant

Chakra Tyre Pendulum

7 chakra Double line bracelet

Black Obsidian 5 element Set fine carved

Crystal Quartz chakra Colour Sanskrit Disc Set

Chakra Choko Reiki Small Chamber Pendulum With Chakra

Bronze Twisted Metal pendulum

RAC Orgone Pyramid with Chakuree

Chakra Cut Eight Pendant 925 silver

Blue Lace agate 5pcs geometry set

Raw Crystal Quartz BGS Modular Pendulum

Rose Quartz Ganesha Healing wands

Golden Quartz Big Size Angels

Green Aventurine Chakra angels wands

Chakra Bonded Double Terminated Massage Wands

Axe Shape Agate Artifacts Arrowhead

Crystal Quartz tumble engrave Om Bracelet

Blue Kynite Usai reiki Set

Tetragrammaton Disc set

Usai Reiki Chakra Orgone Pyramid

Ying Yang Pendant Amulet

Mix Gemstone Golden UFO Pendulum

Crystal 7 chakra beads elastic bracelet

Banded purple fluorite worry stone

Mix Gemstone Big Size Angels

Chakra Orgone Healing wands

Rose Quartz Big Size Angels

Red Tiger Eye Pyramid

Tiger Eye Arch Angel Tower

Crystal Quartz Engrave Chakra Colourful Disc set with velvet purse

Crystal Quartz Energy Generator with Chakra cabs

Lapis Lazule Smooth Massage wands

Engrave Chakra Unpolish Disc set with pouch

Bonded RAC 3pc Wand Pendulum with Chakra chain

Golden UFO Pendulum

Mer-Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Labradorite Smooth Massage Wands

Orange Jade Angels 1inch

Arrowhead with steam

7 chakra Elastic Bracelet 2x1 beads

Moss Agate Arrowheads

Raw crystal Pendulum with chakra chips chain

Crystal Pendulum w/.Chakra Cabs

Engrave Chakra Oval Set

Engrave Chakra Heart Pendant set w/. Purse

Engrave Chakra Heart Pendant Set

Chakra Heart Pendant

Engrave Chakra Disc Set

Rose Quartz 7 Chakra Healing Stick

1.5 inch Agate Arrowheads

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TAIBA CRYSTALS is the premium manufacturer & exporter of Semi-precious Agate Stone & New Age Healing Supplies.

Our brand TAIBA CRYSTALS founded by Late Mr. Haji Shaikh Hussain still having its reputed name in business since 1962 .

The Company TAIBA CRYSTALS is located in KHAMBHAT - INDIA which... Read more>>

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